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Plant-Based Holiday Gift Guide for Men

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Scrolling through social media, we have taken notice that sustainable fashion imagery and publicity are usually directed exclusively toward women. While women may tend to be more vocal in promoting sustainable fashion and sustainable living, we know that there are a ton of men in this space who deserve to be recognized too.

So, in honor of the men in the sustainable fashion movement, we put together a gift guide to showcase our must-have items for the ethical man. Or, if you're looking for a gift for a partner or friend who is just starting to open up to ideas of veganism and eco-friendly living, these items are a great way to introduce plant-based fashion to those who are just starting their journey.

Here are some of our favorite items from our men's collection that we'd like to highlight as thoughtful and sustainable gifts for the holiday season, including items under $50, under $100, and under $150.

HowCork Plant-Based Gift Guide For Men

Cork Gifts for Men: Under $50

Bifold Cork Wallet - $39

 Bifold Men's Cork Wallet by Corkor at HowCork

The bifold cork wallet, both with and without a coin pocket, is one of our most popular items for men without question. Its appeal is plain to see, with a beautifully textured and soft aesthetic, a durable design, and straightforward simplicity. But it seems our customers have been the most impressed with just how lightweight the wallet is. Cork is a remarkably lightweight material, as its interior cells are surrounded by air pockets, taking up quite a bit of space inside cork's structure. These air pockets also allow for the flexibility of the material, which is what lends to its use in wallets as both a functional and aesthetically-pleasing material.

Cork wallets "break-in" as one might expect with genuine leather products, and can last for years of use. Cork leather has all the perks of animal leather in terms of longevity, with none of the cruelty. For the man in your life who is vegetarian, vegan, or open to learning more, a cork wallet is a great first step into plant-based. Available in natural, brown, and black cork.

Cork Cell Phone Case - $35

HowCork Cork Cell Phone Case

Another great first step into sustainable accessories, a cork cell phone case is a small gift that will more than likely get put to good use. If the sustainable man in your life has an iPhone 6+ or 7+, don't miss out on the chance to get one of our last cork cases for these models while we still have them available! 

Grow From Nature Snapback Adjustable Hat - $49

Grow From Nature Snapback Hat

The Grow From Nature cork baseball cap is an iconic item that can suit a range of different styles and personality types, from the die-hard vegan to the open-minded artist to the sports-loving jock. The Grow snapback hat is designed by a man (the owner of Grow From Nature) to be an inclusive statement piece that can be rocked by anyone who puts it on, male or female. If the eco-aware guy on your list spends a lot of time outdoors in the sun, this hat is for him. It comes in two different cork patterns.

Cork Card Holder - $29

Cork Card Holder Wallet Red Back

For all the minimalist men out there who don't like carrying more than what is necessary, the cork cardholder is an extremely lightweight wallet for carrying cards and cash on the go. This cork cardholder from Corkor is simple in design with RFID blocking capacity. It is slender, durable, and functional, with a clear window slot for in the back for holding an ID. It comes in blue, brown, and red cork.

Cork Papillon Bowtie - $21

 Blue Cork Bowtie

This adorable cork bow-tie is a unique accessory that never goes out of style. It can be worn with formal attire, but due to its 100% cork composition, it also serves as a plant-based accent piece that can complement almost any outfit. Its sophisticated yet playful nature makes it incredibly versatile and it is suitable for both men and women. It comes in natural and blue cork.

RFID Blocking Cork Wallet - $30

RFID Blocking Cork Wallet by Corkor | HowCork

In this age of technology and information, RFID blocking capabilities are becoming more sought-out than ever when searching to purchase a new wallet. We love that this wallet is lightweight, durable and highly functional, with two spots for keeping important cards in the front, and the ability to hold up to 10 cards which are stored in an inner tab that can be pulled out, as well as a pocket for storing bills. Not to mention, as its name gives away, it has an internal layer of RFID blocking material in between the layers of cork to keep your information safe. It comes in natural, brown, and black cork.

Cork Gifts for Men: Under $100

Cork Tourism Bag - $89.99

Cork Men's Tourism Bag

This small men's cork tourism bag from Grow From Nature is ideal for men who love traveling or going out on day-adventures on foot or bike. This small bag can comfortably hold a cell phone, passport, wallet, map, bus or train tickets, and other small items. With two inner pockets, a main zippered compartment, and two additional zippered pockets on the front of the bag, it is a cruelty-free and zero-pollution alternative to animal leather. Even better, this small men's travel pouch is currently on sale for the holiday season at a discount of over 25% of its normal price! 

Cork Gifts for Men: Under $150

Cork Messenger Bag - $149

Cork Messenger Bag For Men by Corkor | HowCork

This cork laptop case is professional and unique, made with the highest quality craftsmanship by hand in Portugal at Corkor. The use of cork renders this men's messenger bag lightweight, anti-shock, and resistant to drops, dust, and dirt. Cork is a natural heat insulator, so it will help protect your computer from overheating in hot temperatures. Cork is also water-resistant, which will prevent your electronic devices from getting wet if you happen to get caught in the rain. What's more, this bag comes with a comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap and also has an additional strap on the back for slipping onto the handle of a rolling suitcase when traveling. It is available in red or brown.


Wishing all the men in the sustainable fashion movement a happy holiday season! 

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