HowCork Featured by Sustainable Fashion Blogger in Italy

HowCork Featured by Sustainable Fashion Blogger in Italy


Recently, HowCork has been featured in an Italian blog by fashion blogger Francesca Rizzi of Cool Closets, located in Milan. We are super excited to share the lovely article written about our company with our English-speaking customers.

"Cool Closets, never stop dreaming"

HowCork was featured under the categories of Imprenditori alla Moda and Storie di Talento e Coraggio, meaning Entrepreneurs of Fashion and Stories of Talent and Courage.

Sughero: L'altezza della moda eco-sostenibile -- Cork, The Height of Eco-Sustainable Fashion

In working with Francesca, I wrote the story of our business, from why we decided to embark into the world of cork fashion, to how we source our products, to our ethics and philosophy behind the business. Francesca then edited and rewrote our story with her own touch.


To tell you the story of HowCork, here is Lina (my "nickname" that I use in Italian) , in first person, its founder ..." HowCork is a small, recently created company, inspired by the desire to live in harmony with nature, and to promote a lifestyle that respects the environment, animals, and human health. Too often the beauty of "haute mode" designer bags renders us blind to their production methods, and we don't ask ourselves questions such as what are the origins of the materials, in what conditions the employees are working, and how much pollution is directly attributed to the production. With the passing of time, we decided to do research into the use, production, and manufacturing of animal leather. The more that we read, the more we understood just how much this practice damages the not only planet, but the communities where the factories are located, as well as the health of the people who find themselves involved. Having gained this awareness, we understood that we had the duty to present an alternative to leather and synthetic fabrics (made from petroleum) - something completely natural, vegan, and ethical.


Talking about her company, she continues, "Now arises HowCork, an online market where one can find a curated selection of bags, wallets, and fashion accessories all in one place. It is our mission to bring the cork culture of Portugal in Italy and all the world; we want to give our contribution and be active contributors to grow the movement of eco-sustainable fashion."

"For us, style is something that goes deeper than the surface, this boils down the story behind the clothes and accessories that we choose. According to us, fashion can change the world, and every time that we buy something, we vote for the future that we want to see. There is an expression in Portuguese, that goes "for those who care about their grandchildren, plant a cork oak." We believe that fashion can exist without causing damage to the environment, without killing or torturing animals, and without causing harm to the people involved. For us, fashion can be a powerful tool to create a better world for the generations to come, and for this we invite our readers to follow their conscience and make the natural choice... cork fashion!"

You can find the whole article here in its original language:

Once again, we'd like to thank Francesca for helping us spread the word about cork and our cork marketplace. It is always a pleasure to work with like-minded promoters of sustainable fashion. 

Do you have questions about cork or have something to add about what makes sustainable fashion important? Let us know in the comments.


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