About Us

HowCork is a family-operated online store dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship in the world of fashion. We're passionate about protecting nature, animals, and human health alike through the use of cork in place of textiles such as animal leather or synthetic PU leather. We source vegan, handmade, quality cork products from numerous small, ethical brands and bring them all to one virtual space. Our goal is to help to keep the tradition of cork harvesting alive in the Mediterranean and spread the culture of cork to North America. We believe that you don't have to sacrifice anything in terms of personal style in order to live and shop in a way that respects the planet.

Why We Love Cork

Cork is truly a masterpiece of nature, with unique characteristics that allow it to hold up for years and years of use. From bark to bag, cork does not pollute or create waste throughout its entire lifecycle. We believe that cruelty is not a fashion statement, and choosing cork is actively creating a healthier and more peaceful world for future generations. We want to ensure that the cork forests of the Mediterranean continue to thrive, as cork oaks are what keep the entire Mediterranean basin from becoming a desert. These forests are second only to the Amazon rainforest in terms of biodiversity.

Surprisingly, the best way to care for the cork oak forests is to harvest and use cork bark! The process of harvesting cork uses ancient techniques and hand-tools to remove just the bark without harming the tree. It allows the cork oak trees to become more robust and have a longer lifespan, while amplifying their ability to release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Cork has an integral role to play in the sustainable fashion movement - and we're here to help bring it into the spotlight. Our store is based in South Florida, where we keep all of our products in stock and ship with no plastic and minimal packaging.