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Cork is Renewable Ethical Vegan Fashion

Elevate Your Look and Your Consciousness

Cork is an incredible tree bark that is removed while leaving the tree alive. The Cork Oak benefits from the harvesting of cork, as it gains the capacity to absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce more oxygen.
Cork is being rediscovered outside of its traditional use as a wine bottle stopper, as designers around the world have started to take notice of its unique natural properties. Cork is simply ground into small pieces, boiled in water, and rolled into sheets to make cork leather.
Cork is nature's vegan alternative to animal leather or synthetic chemical-based fibers. Over time, cork leather develops character in the same way as animal leather, without causing harm to the environment, and will last for years. 
Cork oaks are a vital part of the Mediterranean ecosystem. The more we harvest cork bark and allow the oaks to thrive, the more we sustain the plant and animal diversity in the forests in which they grow.
Cork makes an important statement everywhere you go- that you care about the future of the planet. Join us on our mission and become a part of the cork revolution.