Collection: 15:21

15:21 is a Stockholm-based brand with a love for functional minimalist design. The brand focuses on making everyday essentials - the things you touch and hold the most - in natural cork. It all started with a missed train to work - arriving at the train station at 15:21, the brand's founder, Fredrik, was a few seconds late, but just in time to see his train to work close its doors and slowly roll away. Instead of feeling frustrated, he had a moment of lucidity where he realized how his life was built around routines and soul-less work. He began to pick up on an old project and started sketching new ideas. That is how 15:21 came about. Naturally inspired, the concept behind 15:21 is to blend Scandinavian simplicity with nature's own aesthetics. All 15:21 products are made using quality Portuguese cork. 15:21 believes that nature should be nourished, not exploited, and by working with cork, they do exactly that.