Collection: Carrymore

Care more, carry more - this is the mantra of Carrymore, a small brand from Australia started in 2019 by Matias Salinas. After years of watching companies put their profits over people and the environment, as all the while global warming becomes only more evident, he wanted to help create positive change in our world. With the Australian bushfires devastating his local terrain and plastic waste filling up our oceans, he knew he had to do something to contribute to finding a solution to all of these problems. So, he set out to make an innovative water bottle carrier both to create the most environmentally-conscious product possible and to encourage others to carry a reusable water bottle rather than buying single-use bottles. After intense product development and testing, he created a functional, sustainable, and stunning 100% cork water bottle carrier that can be worn on the back or over the shoulder. Carrymore is part of 1% for the planet, contributing to the Seabin Project to help remove plastic waste from the ocean, and is a PETA Approved Vegan brand.