Collection: Parafina

Through constant experimentation with materials, design, and manufacturing techniques, Parafina Co. is on a mission to reinvent the eyewear market and reintroduce consumers to products that are thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted. They live by their tagline, “See Beyond Trash” - an ethos that defines the character behind the brand. Parafina produces its innovative eyewear with 100% recycled and/or natural materials.

These recycled materials would have otherwise ended up in our oceans, burnt into our atmosphere, or buried in a landfill. Now they serve a new purpose, which is to give Parafina eyewear some of the amazing characteristics these materials have: flexibility, resistance, and lightweight design. It’s a win for our planet and a win for our glasses.

Parafina creates sunglasses from recycled PET plastic, recycled rubber tires, recycled cork stoppers, recycled HDPE plastic, organic bamboo, recycled aluminum cans, and bio-acetate. Every purchase of Parafina sunglasses comes with a plantable pencil and gives 5% back to the Parafina Social Project, which helps guarantee access to stable, quality education for children in Asunción, Paraguay.