Collection: WearPanda

The concept of "fashion with a purpose" was a cornerstone of the founding philosophy of WearPanda and it remains central to the products they make and the work they do today. They are determined to be a force for good, both for people and the planet. Each watch they make is handcrafted with sustainable components, featuring bamboo, Portuguese cork, recycled metals, and vegan leathers. Bamboo is naturally lightweight, strong, and antibacterial, ideal for something that rests on your wrist all day. Growing bamboo is remarkably low impact: it takes less room, grows faster, and requires less replanting, fertilizer, and water than traditional woods - and bamboo forests produce more oxygen too! WearPanda balanced the natural beauty of its bamboo wood grain with sustainable Portuguese cork as well as recycled metals. Every purchase of a WearPanda watch gives the Gift of Education to someone in need through their partnership with Pencils of Promise.