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Blue Rock Cork Necklace


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The high-quality natural cork used to make this necklace was hand-harvested from trees that are only harvested every nine years, and then was stacked to dry and transported to the manufacturing factory. The cork was then steamed in water and flattened, and the cork that is not used for wine bottles was compressed into a thick cork fabric roll.

The strands of cork used to make this necklace were cut from a thin slice of the cork fabric. It may just look like simple strands of cork, but an unimaginable amount of time and positive energy has gone into this creation.

This cork necklace from Artelusa features one strand of natural cork with a unique dangling pendant with intricate designs and turquoise and red stones, and a silver plated magnetic clasp.

  • Natural cork
  • Silver plated zinc alloy magnetic clasp
  • Waterproof 
  • Vegan 
  • Handmade Portuguese cork