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Artelusa Cork iPhone 6 Plus Case

Artelusa Cork iPhone 6 Plus Case

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The high-quality natural cork used to make this cell phone case was hand-harvested from trees that are only harvested every nine years, and then was stacked to dry and transported to the manufacturing factory. The cork was then steamed in water and flattened, and the cork that was not used for wine bottles was compressed into a thick cork fabric roll. Then, a thin layer of cork, about the width of a piece of paper, was shaved off of the cork fabric roll in order to make the cork exterior of the case. 

The natural properties of cork render this case lightweight, waterproof, anti-shock, and resistant to drops, dust, and dirt. In addition, cork is a natural heat insulator, so it will help protect your phone from overheating in hot temperatures. 

  • Ideal for iPhone 6 Plus
  • 16 x 8 cm 
  • Water-resistant cork exterior
  • Handmade with natural Portuguese cork
  • Certified Vegan by PETA
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